Mining is carried out by hydraulic excavators and walking excavators EW-10/70. After the removal of waste rock, kaolin and clay are extracted from the bowels by a rotary method, and then loaded into railway cars and dump wagons.

Kaolin, clay and sand are transported from the quarry for further processing to the clay grinding area, as well as to the finished product warehouse or directly to consumers. Mining Company “Mineral” LLC are shipped products in bulk.

The laboratory equipped with modern equipmentcontrols every stage of the production process and ensures compliance with all requirements for products of this type. The employees of the laboratory are working in constant contact with customers and they are actively involved in research and development programs of production.

Leads LLC « Mineral Mining Company»The mining company Mineral” is active in the preservation of the environment. After mining is filling space used. Areas that have been developed, reclaimed land transferred for further use in agriculture.